VMware has released a KB article with the correct sequence the update your vSphere 6 environment. The article shows the supported update sequence for vSphere and other compatible/supported VMware solutions such as NSX, SRM, etc.

Update sequence for vSphere 6.0 and its compatible VMware products (2109760)

The article also provides a overview of the compatible VMware solution with vSphere 6. The overview has links to the release notes and upgrade procedures for all these solutions.

Not default TCP/IP stack and vmkping

This week I was testing jumbo frames in our lab environment and had some issues with the vmkping command and not default TCP/IP stack. In our lab environment we use separate TCP/IP stacks for the vMotion and Provisioning VMKernel interfaces. With the vmkping command it’s possible to pass this TCP/IP stack as an argument.

However, when using the vmkping command I ran into a problem. The command would not work, the error message was: “vmkernel stack not configured.”



I’ve double checked the TCP/IP stack name in the vSphere Web Client and it was correct.







To be sure I also checked the VMkernel configuration on the ESXi host itself with the esxcfg-vmknic command and that is when I discovered the problem. The Web Client shows the TCP/IP stack with capital letters while the actual name on the ESXi host is small letters only!


I changed the vmkping command to use the name as shown on the host and this time it worked!






Conclusion: when using the vkmping command with a not default TCP/IP stack use the name as shown with the esxcfg-vmknic command and not as shown in the vSphere Web Client.


Renew ESXi 6 host certificate

If you are replacing your ESXi certificates with CA certificates, the best method is to make your VCSA a subordinate CA and allow it to sign certificates for the ESXi host. VMware has released a KB article on how to make your VCSA a subordinate CA.

When configured the VCSA as a subordinate CA you have to wait 24 hours before updating the ESXi host certificates. If you try to update the certificate sooner you receive an error.

ESXi host certificate renewal error

This is a safety mechanism to avoid time synchronization issues as stated in this KB article. You will also not be able to add new ESXi hosts to your inventory!