vROPS 6.x Blank Dashboard

A few weeks ago I upgraded the vROPS cluster in the lab environment to vROPS 6.3. The cluster is a 3 node cluster with a master, replica and remote collector. The cluster is behind a NSX load balancer to provide a single FQDN to connect to the cluster.

The upgrade went smoothly and all nodes were upgraded without a problem. One important thing to remember is to always update the virtual appliance OS first before upgrading vROPS! If you do not do this, you will break your vROPS instance!

But the problem started when I logged on to the vROPS instance. Some dashboard were working fine but other dashboards would not show any contect. The content on these faulty dashboards varied from completely blank to only some widgets.

vROPS Blank Dashboard

At first I thought the problems appeared only on custom dashboards I had made but after looking at some more dashboards it appeared that it also happened on the out of box dashboards.

At this stage I was thinking I broke the vROPS cluster and needed to redeploy the cluster. But before I was sure I really needed to do this I asked a colleague if he experienced the same problems. He could view the dashboards without any problem.

Because of this I tried to open the dashboards from another browser, in this case Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. The dashboards were working fine with Internet Explorer, so my first suspicion went to Chrome. But my colleague had opened the dashboards in Chrome and they worked fine for him.

Eventually my colleague suggested that I cleared the Chrome browser cache so I would not have any old references to the dashboards. And lo and behold, the dashboards were working fine after this!

vROPS Dashboard

TLDR, if you have any issues with content on vROPS dashboards clear your browser cache first 🙂


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