vROPS 6.5 Node Specifications

VMware has released version 6.5 of vROPS which includes a new node configuration type for additional monitoring capabilities. From the release notes:

Additional monitoring capabilities

  • Adds ability to increase memory and increase the scope of monitoring within the same environment.
  • Enables you to monitor larger environments with the same footprint through platform optimization.
  • XL size node enables you to monitor more objects and it processes more metrics.

The previous largest configuration for an analytics cluster node was a 16 vCPU, 48 GB Memory node. This node configuration was for environments larger then 4.000 VM’s.

Apparently this was not enough 😉

The new largest node (XL) configuration is a little bit bigger.. 24 vCPU and 128 GB Memory! This node configuration is for environments between 12.000 and 40.000 VM’s.

The VMware documentation has not been updated with this configuration yet. I’ve downloaded the OVA, extracted it, and opened the OVF to get these specifications.


The new specifications for all the node configurations are:

Node Size vCPU Memory
Extra small 2 8 GB
Small 4 16 GB
Medium 8 32 GB
Large 16 48 GB
Extra Large 24 128 GB


thanks to @pheldoorn for commenting the sizing guidelines. The maximum cluster size with Extra Large sized nodes, is 4 nodes and not 16 nodes as with Medium and Large sized nodes.



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