vROPS 7.0 Credential creation fails with LastPass enabled

This week I finally had time to install vRealize Operations 7.0 in my lab environment. I choose for an new deployment because the old vROPS instance has been upgraded several times starting from I believe 6.1 or 6.2 and ending at 6.7 and I wanted to start with a fresh installation and configuration.

Deployment went like a charm, easy peasy. From downloading until the cluster was online toke only a couple of hours. Most of the time was spent waiting on the download and bringing the cluster online. Since I use Intel NUC’s in my lab environment some CPU intensive actions can take a bit longer.

What is the first step you take after bringing the cluster online? You configure the solutions to connect to your vCenter Server to be able to collect information about it. And this is where I hit an issue.

I use LastPass to keep track of all my passwords and to create new passwords and I have enabled the LastPass plugin in my browser, which is Chrome.


When creating a new credential the plugin already pre-fills the necessary information because I have stored these in LastPass for my lab environment.


You would think this is pretty convenient but that is not the case. When creating a new credential for the vCenter Server adapter, I kept getting an ‘Internal Server Error’.


Searching through the log files I found the following error, “Failed to parse field from id — Select –“.


First then I did is manually typed in the correct information but this did not help. Since the error message complains about a field not containing the correct information I tried disabling the LastPass plugin from my browser and type in the correct information.


This seemed to help I and was now able to create credentials for all the solutions I wanted to configure. Apparently the LastPass plugin fills the field ‘Credential Kind’ with some wrong information even if you select it manually which is causing the error.


TLDR; Disable or log out of the LastPass plugin in your browser when creating credentials in vROPS.

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