vRSLCM 8.0 Create Environment Request Failure

After a busy and fun VMworld, it was finally time to update the vRealize components in my homelab environment. Since I was already using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for deployment and updates of these components, the first step was to upgrade my current vRSLCM 2.1 environment to vRLSCM 8.0. This is an out-of-place upgrade with migration of the content to a new appliance. This process is documented very well in the documentation and it went smoothly as aspected. All previous deployed components where now available in the new vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, so far all good.

Next step was to create a new environment so I could try out the Content Management feature of vRSLCM. The creation of a new environment is easy using the installation wizard, however I ran into an issue with it.

During the creation of an environment you will need to specify a certificate which will be used for all components deployed in this environment. This certificate can be created before starting or during the creation of the environment using the installation wizard.

At first, I created the certificate during the installation wizard but when I reached the end of the installation wizard the submit button didn’t do anything. After saving and exiting the install wizard and reopening the create environment request, all steps where OK except for the summary.

So, all steps are OK but the Summary gives a warning? I’ve tried different browsers, retried the workflow and even restarted the appliance, but nothing seemed to help. Eventually I’ve found the issue by starting the installation wizard to create the environment again, but this time I used the certificate and password I created before starting the installation wizard.

It seems that the workflow breaks if you try to create the certificate or password for the product during the installation wizard. If you create the certificate and password before starting the installation wizard and select these during the installation wizard all will go OK.


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