Cross vCenter vMotion – Cannot connect to host

21 November - VMware engineering has given a fix for this issue. Results are posted at the end of this post. 17 October - Currently this issue is under investigation by VMware and the SR has been referred to VMware engineering. The workaround for this issue at this time is to not use the provision... Continue Reading →


NSX 6.2.3 Guest Introspection Deployment

VMware has announced the end of availability of vCloud Networking and Security 5.5.x which will commence on September 19. If you are using vCNS it is possible to migrate to NSX. NSX 6.2.3 has a default license for NSX for vShield Endpoint so if you want to use the Guest Introspection services (eg. Deep... Continue Reading →


Update 30 March - VMware have released a KB article with steps how to solve this problem. VMware will be providing a permanent fix in due course. In the meantime they are providing a  script that will detect stranded objects, broken disk chains and objects with a CBT lock. Where possible, the script will then... Continue Reading →

VMCA subordinate CA caveats

vSphere 6 comes with the VMware Certificate Authority service on the VCSA. It's possible to configure this as a subordinate CA in the existing CA infrastructure. We tested this configuration in our lab environment and ran into some issues with this configuration. As I don't have any screenshots of the issues, I will try and... Continue Reading →

Log Browser and ESXi RAM disk full

With the vSphere Web Client it is possible to view, search and export vCenter Server and ESXi log files using the Log Browser. When you use the log browser to retrieve the log files of an ESXi host, the log bundle is stored on the ESXi host in /tmp/scratch/downloads. The location /tmp is a symbolic... Continue Reading →

ESXi 6.x CBT issue

VMware has released a KB article regarding a new issue affecting ESXi 6.0 and 6.0 Update 1. This issue affects backups utilizing change block tracking (CBT). When running incremental virtual machine backups, backup applications typically rely on the vSphere API call QueryDiskChangedAreas() to determine the changed sectors. This issue occurs due to a problem with CBT... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye vSphere C# Client

Since the introduction of the Web Client new features to vSphere would be available only through the Web Client, with the most well known example of VSAN. The performance of the Web Client was not great at all which made it a big obstacle for using the Web Client instead of the old vSphere C# Client.... Continue Reading →


VMware has released a KB article with the correct sequence the update your vSphere 6 environment. The article shows the supported update sequence for vSphere and other compatible/supported VMware solutions such as NSX, SRM, etc. Update sequence for vSphere 6.0 and its compatible VMware products (2109760) The article also provides a overview of the compatible... Continue Reading →

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