Cross vCenter vMotion – Cannot connect to host

21 November - VMware engineering has given a fix for this issue. Results are posted at the end of this post. 17 October - Currently this issue is under investigation by VMware and the SR has been referred to VMware engineering. The workaround for this issue at this time is to not use the provision... Continue Reading →


Not default TCP/IP stack and vmkping

This week I was testing jumbo frames in our lab environment and had some issues with the vmkping command and not default TCP/IP stack. In our lab environment we use separate TCP/IP stacks for the vMotion and Provisioning VMKernel interfaces. With the vmkping command it's possible to pass this TCP/IP stack as an argument. However,... Continue Reading →

Renew ESXi 6 host certificate

If you are replacing your ESXi certificates with CA certificates, the best method is to make your VCSA a subordinate CA and allow it to sign certificates for the ESXi host. VMware has released a KB article on how to make your VCSA a subordinate CA. When configured the VCSA as a subordinate CA you... Continue Reading →

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